Earls Garden Shop

Proudly serving the Tampa Bay area since 1947


cabbage growing

During the planting season, you can stop in and find a great selection of seeds and 4-packs of sprouted seedlings ready to grow and be eaten.

salvia 4-pack

We regularly get shipments of seedlings during the planting season, ready to be put in the ground to beautify your garden.


These plants will be around year after year, with the correct care. They can make great centerpieces and great year-round staples in your yard.

azaleas close view

Azaleas are a great plant for the Florida climate. They have beautiful flowers and great leaves. They make great flowering shrubs and will withstand climate stress.

crape myrtle

Shrubs come in many shapes and sizes. They make great landscape components and a year-round green hedge.

butterfly on milkweed

Butterfly gardens are a great component for a yard. Whether you have children or not, butterflies are a delightful thing to see. In Florida we have many species, especially the famous Monarch, which feeds on milkweed, a regular fixture in our stock at the garden shop.

ivy for sale

Great ground cover is difficult to come by, with the sand-rich Florida soil. Ivy is some of the best ground cover for our climate and looks great climbing up a wall or tree.

view of the shop

We specialize in both indoor and outdoor ferns, and have a plethora of both. If we don't have exactly what you're searching for, we can call a grower and have them to you as soon as possible.