Earls Garden Shop

Proudly serving the Tampa Bay area since 1947


Earl Mathews

earl sitting out back

Earl began landscaping in 1947 with his partner, Charlie Culbreath, at Tropical Gardens on MacDill Avenue. Earl's Garden Shop had its beginning on Dale Mabry Highway in 1953. In 1955, Earl moved to his location on Manhattan Avenue, where people came to rely on his expertise in growing South Tampa gardens and landscapes. In 2006, Earl moved to his current location on Pearl Avenue, where he continues to impart his home-grown wisdom and knowledge of plants and the pests that attack them on his customers. Countless citizens of South Tampa rely on his advice when cold weather threatens. Even TV personalities rely on him when they need a local expert. Many of his former employees have gone on to develop their own thriving businesses, after their time under Earl's tutelage. His five children, one son-in-law, and several grandchildren have experienced the landscaping business first-hand over the years. School teachers still call on Earl to pass on the love of growing to future generations.

Walt Mathews

Walt putting up some plants

Earl's truly is a family business. Walt, Earl's son, has worked at the shop for most of his adult life. He has become an integral part of the business and, with Earl imparting his knowledge on his son, Walt has become a horticultural expert in his own right.

Jim Mathews

Jim in the store

Jim, Earl's eldest son, works with most of the large installation jobs. He also specializes in sod, pesticide application and irrigation systems.

Ben Mathews

Ben Raking

Earl's grandchildren have always delighted in working at the shop and making some extra money for school. Ben, now in college, helps out at the shop between classes and loves every minute of it.